Troubleshooting Your internet Connection

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If You Can"t Access the Web

We"ll assume that your internet was working at an earlier point. If you are setting it up for the first time, the steps listed below were not designed with that purpose in mind. You need to follow the instructions that came with your router or modem.

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I"ve included a series of definitions for the terminology used on this page.

Reboot the Computer

The first step should be rebooting your computer or device lớn see if that fixes the problem. You"d be surprised how often that simple step resolves issues.

If restarting your computer or device doesn"t work, you"ll have to check out each potential problem area khổng lồ see if it restores access.

Check These Areas

The most likely problem areas related khổng lồ a loss of internet assess are one or more of the following:

your computer needs to reboot;

Progress through the suggestions on this page to kiểm tra alternative solutions. I"ve presented them in the order I"d likely progress if I were to be assessing the problem và looking for solutions.

ISP Issues

If the issue is with your ISP or (rarely) a regional access issue, the resolution is beyond your control. You"ll just have to wait for your ISP or the internet structure lớn repair the problem.

Everything Connects via a Network

Everything about mạng internet connection issues relates to how the various networks are operating. Unless the problem is directly related lớn your computer or device (tablet, smartphone, virtual assistant, Smart home appliance) then it will involve either your own network or one that is further along the chain.

I"m going lớn use the terms computer and device interchangeably, because all that differs is how they are configured khổng lồ connect lớn the Internet.

A network is a collection of computers and other devices connected và talking lớn each other.

The most immediate network is the one inside your trang chủ or business (your home network).The next is your connection to lớn your ISP (another network).Your ISP connects to the internet (a world-wide network) through a regional collection of related networks.

Let"s have a look at how each of these may be involved in the chain of connections from your computer lớn the trang web or service you"re trying to lớn reach.

Your home Network

Your most basic trang chủ network is your computer connected directly to a modem provided by your ISP (usually via either a router or a router/modem combination).

The router provides access khổng lồ all other connected devices connected khổng lồ your network as well as lớn the Internet. Whether these devices can talk to lớn each other (i.e., share information) depends upon how the network & the devices are configured.

Your network should be secured using secure passwords for both your router & your WiFi.

Your ISP

Your ISP (Shaw, Telus, Rogers, etc.) provide you with your connection lớn the mạng internet via their own network (which includes all their customers" networks).

Your ISP then connects through a network of additional connections khổng lồ the mạng internet (designed originally khổng lồ withstand a nuclear attack by switching automatically lớn whatever routing is available).

Public Networks

Public networks include không tính tiền community WiFi networks, coffeeshop WiFi, public library networks and other similar internet connection that you don"t control.

You may be connected using your own laptop, tablet or smartphone or you may be using a public computer (such as those provided by a library or school).

If you"re having difficulty connecting on a public network, you"ll need to talk khổng lồ the staff lớn determine how to resolve the issue. Sometimes the staff have no control.

You Can"t Trust Public Networks

If you are using public access from a connection that you don"t control (something other than your home network) or one that isn"t secured properly (you haven"t changed the mặc định passwords or enabled security) then you are placing your computer and data at risk.

Everyone on an insecure (public) network such as a coffee cửa hàng can potentially “see” the information you are sending & received on that WiFi service. All it takes is some software that is easily obtained on the Internet.

Even if you"re using a gated network (one that requires you lớn sign on), unless you control that network, you can"t trust it.

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NEVER vì chưng Internet banking or similar risky activity on a public network.

Cellular Networks

Cellular networks are those provided by cellular ISPs. These networks are separate from the typical trang chủ or business network and usually have relatively small data caps. Cellular networks are fairly reliable (the number of cell towers và their location determines the strength of your signal) but bởi vì sometimes go down.

Cellular service is more secure than miễn phí WiFi. However, just lượt thích your home network, everything you vị on your cell is visible khổng lồ your cellular provider unless you use a VPN.

Other than ensuring your cellular service is turned on for your device, there is little you can bởi to resolve connection issues other than to move khổng lồ an area with better reception or điện thoại tư vấn your cellular provider for assistance.

Securing Your Network

It is important that you secure your own network. It is beyond the scope of connection issues, but there are resources on this site that will help you to bởi vì that.

At the very least, you should change the default passwords used khổng lồ configure your router and connect khổng lồ your WiFi.

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Basic mạng internet Terminology

You might wish to reviews basic computer terminology (including additional internet terminology) and Windows terminology to lớn better understand how they are involved in connecting to lớn the Internet.


A network is a collection of computers và devices that are connected together, allowing them to cốt truyện information.

A local network refers to the network served by a single router in a specific location.The Internet is a world-wide network.

The internet is a network that spans the globe. Most people connect khổng lồ the internet either via their home or work network (router) or via a không tính tiền wireless service provide by a coffee cửa hàng or community broadband service or via their cellular provider.

ISP refers khổng lồ the company that provides you with access to the internet (Shaw, Telus, Bell, etc.).An IP address is usually represented with a numeric series of numbers separated with dots (e.g., Every device on your local network (and on the Internet) has an IP address. For most users an IP address is leased (i.e., not permanent).Connection Protocols

The following describes the common methods used in connecting to lớn a network, including the Internet.

A Local Area Network (LAN)is wired connection khổng lồ a common router.A Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is a wireless connection khổng lồ a router.A cellular network is a wireless connection to a cellular service (Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, etc.) rather than via an ISP.Hardware

The following describes the hardware involved in connecting khổng lồ a network.

A network adapter connects your computer khổng lồ the network và can be LAN or WLAN adapters (laptops often have both).A modem can generally refer khổng lồ either cable or ADSL modems that connect you to lớn the Internet. Most current modems provided by your ISP are combined with a built-in router.Software

These are the basic programs used lớn view content on the Internet:

A email client is a program used khổng lồ send và receive emails and to display them. Examples are Thunderbird và Outlook.Webmail is an online service that allows your to lớn view your emails via a website browser. Examples are Gmail & Shaw Webmail.A FTP client is a program used khổng lồ upload websites to lớn the vps where they can be viewed on the Internet. Examples are WS-FTP and FileZilla.An app is a specialized program used lớn view content from a specific source. Apple, Microsoft & Google have tiện ích stores that provide applications for their various operating systems.

Issues with Slow mạng internet Access

If you have mạng internet access but it seems that your service is slow:

In some cases, an ISP lượt thích Shaw may be delivering full speed mạng internet into your neighbourhood, but high-volume users may be sapping the bulk of the available bandwidth.

The problem may also be with your computer or device. Older computers contain older, less capable hardware and software. If the device"s storage capacity is maxed out it can create issues with how well you can connect with the Internet.

No internet Access?

If you have no mạng internet access a series of troubleshooting steps will help to determine where the breakdown is & how lớn resolve the problem.

Basic Troubleshooting

When your mạng internet service is disrupted, there can be many things that have gone wrong. The best way khổng lồ start is lớn determine if everything is broken (i.e., you can"t access any websites or mạng internet services) or if the difficulty is only with a certain program or a specific website is not responding.

If Access is Limited

If you are able lớn view certain sites, but not others, it is possible that one or more specific sites are down. Sites go dead for a variety of reasons and the issue may be temporary or permanent.

If you see a 404 error (“page not found”), it means that the site is up but the page you requested is not available. This is not an issue with your internet connection.

Is It Up? will check to see if they can connect.If Is It Up? can connect to lớn the site and you still can"t, the issue is either with you or your ISP"s connection.Regional Outages

If you are able to lớn view local content but cannot see sites hosted across the country or elsewhere, there could be a blockage in the mạng internet grid (a regional outage).

These are issues with the mạng internet itself and there is little you can bởi but wait it out.Issues with Specific Programs

If only some of your programs are working, try the following:

Check to lớn See if the Problem is the Computer

If you have more than one computer, see if both computers are experiencing difficulties accessing the Internet. If the second computer has full access then your problem is localized lớn the first computer (you can skip any tests that don"t giảm giá khuyến mãi with the computer itself).