How to fix we couldn’t install windows in the location you choose

Start your computer up.On the first screen that you see when your computer boots up, you will find instructions to press a specific key – which, in most cases, is Delete, F1 or F2 – to enter your computer’s BIOS/Setup. Press the key specified to enter the BIOS.

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In the BIOS, locate your computer’s boot order/configuration. In most cases, the boot order is located under the BIOS’sBoottab.
Adjust the boot order so that the hard drive that you are trying to install Windows is at the very top.While in the Bios, also ensure that you have selected “UEFI” as the boot mode. The option should be in the “Boot” section of Bios.
Setting the boot mode to UEFIExit the computer’s BIOS, but be sure to save the changes that you have made to it before doing so.

Once done, restart the Windows installation and see whether or not it goes through successfully.

Solution 4: Format the installation location

If the partition of the hard drive you are trying to install Windows in has been in use before and is not a freshly created partition, some of the data on it might be interfering with the Windows installation. This is why it is always recommended to format the installation location before installing Windows on a computer. If the data in the installation location is what is causing this problem in your case, completely formatting the installation location should resolve the problem.

When your computer starts up, choose to boot from the inserted installation media.Configure your language, keyboard layout, and other preferences.When asked what kind of Windows installation you want, click on Custom.
When asked where you want Windows to be installed, first click on Drive options (advanced).

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Click on the partition of your hard drive that you want to install Windows on to select it, and click on Format.Confirm the action.Wait for the drive partition to be completely formatted, and then click on Next to carry on with the installation.If that doesn’t work, select the drive and click on “Delete” instead of “Format”.
Deleting primary partitionThis will convert the hard drive into unallocated space and you can further allocate it again.Create the partition again and install Windows on it.If the error still persists, click on “Delete” again and let it stay as unallocated space.Boot from the installation media and select this unallocated space to install Windows.Check to see if the issue persists.

Solution 5: Replace your hard drive

If absolutely none of the solutions listed and described above have worked for you, you might just have a dying or already dead hard drive. A dying hard drive can certainly prevent an Operating System such as Windows from being installed, so if all else fails, replace your hard drive with a new one and that is bound to get rid of error code 0X80300024 for you.

Solution 6: Using DiskPart

In some cases, the error might be triggered if there is corruption in the partition tables of the drive. Therefore, in this step, we will be using DisakPart to fix this issue. For that:

Identify the “System” partition when the setup lists all the partitions and note its name.Press “Shift” + “F10” and then type in “Diskpart”.
Opening the Diskpart toolNow, type “List disk” to list all the partitions.
Listing available disks in DISKPARTType in “Select Disk (The number of the partition, if it was 1 then you would type Select Disk 1)“.Now type in “Clean” and press “Enter”.Check to see if the issue persists.