User tài khoản Control informs you when a software program is trying khổng lồ make changes to your computer that require administrator-level permission. User account Control helps protect your computer from being changed by an unauthorized source.

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User account Control displays differently for Standard user accounts and Administrator accounts. For more information about the different user tài khoản types, see Managing User Accounts và Logins in Windows7.
Enter the Administrator password, và click Yes lớn continue. If you bởi vì not know the Administrator password, you cannot continue.
If you are logged into an Administrator account, User tài khoản Control asks permission for a program khổng lồ make changes to the computer. By default, User tài khoản Control appears for Administrators only when an outside program tries to make changes lớn the computer.


This cửa nhà has a valid digital signature that verifies that Microsoft is the publisher of this item. If you get this type of dialog box, it is usually safe to lớn continue. If you are unsure, check the name of the program or function lớn decide if it is something you want lớn run.

This program has a valid digital signature, which helps to ensure that the program is what it claims to be và verifies the identity of the advertiser of the program. If you get this type of dialog box, make sure the program is the one that you want lớn run và that you trust the publisher.

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This program does not have a valid digital signature from its publisher. This does not necessarily indicate danger, as many older, legitimate programs lack signatures. Some malware và viruses may display this message during installation. You should use extra caution & only allow a program khổng lồ run if you obtained it from a trusted source, such as the original CD or a publisher"s website.
If you obtained this software from condaohotel.com.vn, go to the condaohotel.com.vn software and driver page for your mã sản phẩm to tải về the latest version.
Before installing, update your antivirus definitions & run a scan to detect any malicious files contained in the program.

This program has been blocked because it is known to lớn be untrusted. To lớn run this program, you need to liên hệ your system administrator.
Most software available from the condaohotel.com.vn website site or installation discs has been signed with a valid digital signature. Some software may prompt the User trương mục Control window to lớn display the quảng cáo trên internet as Unknown.
If the User tài khoản Control message indicates that software obtained from condaohotel.com.vn has an unknown publisher, go to the condaohotel.com.vn software và driver page for your model to tải về the latest version.
If you would lượt thích to disable the messages from User tài khoản Control asking permission for a program khổng lồ make changes lớn the computer, follow the procedure below:
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