This article applies khổng lồ users without a license who have been suspected or detected for commercial use or got a connection timeout.

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We want to lớn address the feedback about users being suspected or detected for commercial use.

Link lớn request the reset


Step 1: Access the reset page


1) Enter your contact details in the dedicated fields

2) địa chỉ all IDs that are involved in your connections. Enter the ID in the dedicated field và click on Click here to địa chỉ cửa hàng ID. Repeat this for every ID you want lớn reset

3) Explain briefly how you are using

4) Sign in the dedicated box

5) Tick the two boxes confirming the data you have submitted and the Privacy Policy

6) Click on Generate & Upload PDF

Some không lấy phí users have been asked lớn purchase a license because their usage pattern suggested that they were using in a commercial environment and/or for commercial purposes. This might include connecting to a work computer lớn quickly kiểm tra an thư điện tử or file, for example. 

Providing a không lấy phí version for personal use is part of our vision: we believe that help should not just be a privilege for those who pay.

Requiring commercial users lớn purchase a license is also part of our effort khổng lồ maintain the miễn phí version.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We would lượt thích to use this article lớn give you some answers khổng lồ some of the questions which were asked in the

▹Is canceling the free usage of its software?

No. The personal use of is free.

Asking people who are using commercially to lớn buy a license is part of our commitment to this idea: this way, we can maintain a miễn phí version that is up-to-date & offers a wide range of features.

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▹Is trying lớn force miễn phí users into paying for the usage of

No. The không tính tiền version of is for people who are using it lớn help family and friends: we bởi not want this user group to pay for the usage of

However, some users are using the không lấy phí version commercially.

Read this article to learn more about how exactly personal usage is defined & why you have khổng lồ buy a license when using commercially.

▹I keep getting a "connection timeout" error. Is this a bug?

No - This alert also pertains khổng lồ suspected commercial use as well. In order to resolve this, please submit any affected IDs on a reset form.

We are already working on improving the clarification of such errors khổng lồ alleviate any confusion that may arise.

▹Is my tài khoản getting flagged as commercial?

No - suspects or detects commercial use only for IDs. Accounts are never involved in this process.