How To Change The Admin Username And Password Of Tp

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My router is =TL-WR845N

I recently chngae routerpassword/name default to custom, after log out i can not log in lớn use my custom pasword.


the username or password is incorrect please input đầu vào again

Please help.

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Power off router, wait 30 sec, nguồn on, & try again both the default and the custom userid/password. If still you can not get in, then you will need to lớn reset the router back khổng lồ factory specs. See your user manual for the procedure. After the reset, you will need lớn reenter all of your settings.


First, you can restart the router andtry khổng lồ use the default và custom username & password lớn login;

If does not work, you may change another website browser or device và give it a shot.

Otherwise, you may need hard reset the router and reconfigure/re-setup the router.

Please check below liên kết for more instructions:


NeedMaybe you were using a different gateway IP address which got reverted khổng lồ its default settings upon router firmware update? Try resetting your router & login using the mặc định IP addresses



I faced the same problem & the solution is very easy and it is as follows: 1- Make sure lớn return all manual connection settings in the computer to lớn automatic to avoid choosing a specific IP. 2- Attempting to lớn enter the correct IP of the router page in English và not like this ١٩٢.١٦٨.١.١ or other, you enter the address và if it does not open try 3- If the previous methods did not work, you may perform a factory reset of the router & try logging in again.

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