Computer is getting stuck on the screen "Getting Windows ready. Don"t turn off your computer" every time you restart? Don"t panic! Here are some effective fixes for the getting Windows ready stuck issue in Windows 11/10/8, as well as a fast disaster recovery solution.

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Windows 11/Windows 10 Stuck on Getting Windows Ready

For many Windows 10/11 & Windows 8 users, it is common to experience unexpected issues with their operating systems. An issue that a lot of them encounter is their computer lượt thích Surface Pro 4 getting stuck on a loading screen with a message saying "Getting Windows ready. Don"t turn off your computer", as shown in the following figure:


If the repair process results in the error "startup repair couldn’t repair your PC" or "automatic repair couldn’t repair your PC", try another solution khổng lồ fix Windows 11/Windows 10 stuck on getting Windows ready issue.

Solution 6: Uninstall Recently Installed Update in Safe Mode

An erroneous recent update might confuse Windows lớn get stuck in another update loop, so uninstalling these updates may fix the issue. This will need lớn be done through the Safe Mode.

Step 1: Access the Advanced options page, then click Startup Settings and press F4 to access the computer Safe Mode.

Step 2: In Windows 10/11 Safe Mode, right­-click Start to choose Control Panel. Then go khổng lồ Programs và Features.

Step 3: Click View installed update in the left panel. Select the recently installed updates and uninstall them khổng lồ fix the Windows 11/Windows 10 stuck in loop getting Windows ready issue.

Finally, restart Windows 10/11 & the computer stuck on getting Windows ready issue should be solved.

Solution 7: Perform a Clean Windows Installation

If none of the above methods can help you out of getting Windows ready stuck issue, the operating system may have unfixable issues. The final solution will be installing a fresh copy of Windows.

Back up Important Files before Windows Installation

Windows clean install will erase some of your personal files. Thus, make sure you have backed up important data from the system partition or the Desktop. Also, have your license key ready.

To back up computer files, we recommend using the miễn phí Windows 10/11 backup software, condaohotel.com.vn ShadowMaker. It is compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7 & can help you khổng lồ back up files, disk, partition or OS with simple clicks. Here, you can start backing up your files by getting its Trial Edition (30­-day không tính phí use is supported) from the button below.

Free Download

Step 1: Run condaohotel.com.vn ShadowMaker Trial Edition. 

Step 2: Under the Backup tab, go to Source > Folders and Files to choose the files you want lớn back up.

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Then, select a destination path khổng lồ store the backup image file. This software specifies a folder for you by default, but you can also specify a location like an external hard drive or USB drive.

Step 3: Click Back up Now khổng lồ execute the backup task.

Perform a Clean Windows 10/11 Install

After finishing the tệp tin backup, now you can reinstall your Windows 10/11 khổng lồ fix getting Windows ready stuck issue.

Step 1: Boot your computer from an installation disc or drive.

Step 2: Choose the language, time format, & keyboard.

Step 3: Click Install now and follow the instructions on the screen.

After the thiết đặt process is complete, the problem Windows 11/Windows 10 stuck on getting Windows ready should be completely resolved.

If you are unsure of how lớn make a refresh copy of Windows, read How khổng lồ Reinstall Windows 10. If you think it is complicated lớn make a clean install, you can follow this post to reset Windows 10/11 instead. 

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Suggestion: Back up Windows 10/11 OS lớn Safeguard Your PC

Regardless of what system issues occur on your computer, system image recovery is a better solution provided that a system image was created beforehand.

Similarly, restoring the PC lớn a previous state by using the system backup is also a good solution to Windows 11/Windows 10 getting ready loop for a long time

Therefore, after finishing fixing the issue, it is necessary lớn back up your OS khổng lồ protect your computer from system corruption. To vì chưng this, we highly recommend using condaohotel.com.vn ShadowMaker as mentioned above.

Free Download

Step 1: Launch this backup software for Windows 10/11, click Keep TrialConnect in This Computer section.

Step 2: Go to the Backup page; system partitions & storage path are selected by default. Start the system backup process by clicking Back up Now.