- Not able to lớn update iTunes on my Mac BookPro. The error message is "The update could not be verified. It may have been corrupted during downloading. The update will be downloaded and checked again the next time that Software Update runs".

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- I have an old version of iTunes. I"m trying to lớn update iTunes but I can"t! iTunes says "It"s impossible to tương tác the server." I"m using Windows 10 64 bit. Any suggestions?

It"s a must-do khổng lồ update iTunes lớn latest version to manage and sync files on quả táo devices. But, the complaints of "Can"t update iTunes" lượt thích above questions are widely posted in communities with posters" hope of getting a perfect answer. Have wasted too much time khổng lồ try responses one by one but go into a disappointment? Here, we are glad to chia sẻ the best fixes khổng lồ troubleshoot iTunes not updating errors on Windows (10/11) and Mac.

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Table of Contents

Part 1. Why Won"t My iTunes Update on Windows 10 or Mac?

Technically, iTunes not updating on your PC is rooted from the computer system & app itself. Here are 4 major reasons why iTunes won"t update on your Windows or Mac computer.

Tip 1: Manually download the Latest Version of iTunes

Reason 1. You are not priviledged as an administrator during iTunes update. Only an admin user is required for some software installation.

Reason 2. Another reason why you cannot update iTunes on your PC is that you are working with an older version of your Windows or Mac OS. This means your iTunes may not be compatible with your operating system.

Reason 3. Some software, mostly known as the security software, may cause software conflict, và therefore prevent iTunes from updating & installing successfully.

Reason 4. ITunes not updating error can also be probably caused by iTunes itself. Particularly, when iTunes has corrupted files or lost some files, you cannot update iTunes on your PC as a result.

Part 2. How lớn Fix "iTunes Won"t Update" Error on Windows (10) and Mac?

After you"ve figured out all the possible reasons that lead to lớn iTunes not updating error, you can try the following tips that can help you update iTunes khổng lồ latest version conveniently.

Tip 1. Make sure khổng lồ log in to your computer as an administrator.

To log on as an administrator, make sure lớn have a user trương mục on the computer with an Administrator account type. You can kiểm tra the trương mục type after you have logged on.

Tip 2. Install the latest Windows updates.

Visit the Microsoft Windows Update website and tải về the latest updates. ITunes for Windows requires windows 7 or later, with teh latest service pack installed.

Tip 3. Manually tải về the latest version of iTunes.

For Windows:

Before manually downloading iTunes to Windows 7 và later, please completely uninstall all iTunes components from your PC following the order below: iTunes > táo Software Update > táo bị cắn dở Mobile Device support > Bonjour > apple Application support 32-bit > táo Application tư vấn 64-bit.

After all is done, please go lớn iTunes official download page to tải về and re-install iTunes on your Windows computer.

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For Mac:

macOS doesn"t allow users khổng lồ delete any application. You just need to lớn directly download and install the latest version of iTune on your Mac.

Tip 3. Update táo bị cắn Software Update ứng dụng on Windows

Open apple Software Update on your Windows computer & then check whether an available update of itself. If yes, uncheck any other updates except táo bị cắn dở Software Update. Next, click Install. After the update is finished, mở cửa Apple Software Update again and it will tìm kiếm for updates automatically. Kiểm tra iTunes and click Install to lớn start downloading & installing the newest iTunes.

If you still can"t update iTunes, mở cửa Apple Software Update app and only check the update of itself. Click Tools > download Only. After downloads is finished, the update files under C: > Users > > AppData > Local > hãng apple > táo apple Software Update will be shown automatically. Double click AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi & Apple Software Update will be successfully updated. After that, update iTunes again using táo bị cắn Software Update app.

Tip 4. Remove components left from a previous instalation.

If iTunes fails lớn download, you can check and remove components left from the previous iTunes installation and reinstall it again. To bởi vì this, please press the Windows and R key on your keyboard to mở cửa teh run command > enter %programfiles% in teh Run window > click OK to open the Program Files thư mục > delte the folders lượt thích iTunes, Bonjour and iPod.

Tip 5. Disable conflicting software.

Some background process known for security software can cause the issue that iTunes won"t update on PC. If so, you can disable or uninstall teh security software, & restart your computer to lớn see if iTunes not updating or installing error is fixed.

Tip 6. Download a Troubleshooter to lớn Fix iTunes Not Updating Issue

If iTunes won"t update with an error message "The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed", it may be caused by the corrupted registry keys which block program installation or removal. Microsoft offers a troubleshooter available for Windows 7 to lớn Windows 10 khổng lồ repair this issue. Before using this troubleshooter, please make sure that you have logged in your computer as an administrator.

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Part 3. Best iTunes Alternative - Remove All iTunes Errors Once & For All

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