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Tour Con Dao

1. VISIT historic.


Con Dao has 19 relics are classified as historic national level, mainly in the center of town.


These 19 historical relics are almost the architectures and constructions, the prison system detained over 20.000 revolutionaries during the 113 years of rule and reign on Con Dao by the French and American (1862 ­ 1975) as: Presidential Palace, French Stables Tiger, Tiger Cages US ...


By visiting these historical relics you will see the architectural style of ancient France, and feel the fierce, brutal war and bloody detention of colonialism and imperialism for the people of Vietnam.


2. Ben Dam Port


Ben Dam Port is located in the southwest of the island, is the largest seaport in Con Dao today.


On the way to visit this Port, you will pass by Van Son Tu Pagoda. The architecture of Van Son Tu is characteristic of Buddhist Vietnam and is located on a mountain immersed in extremely beautiful nature painting. This pagoda is a stunning landscape cannot be missed when you visit Con Dao. From here you can admire An Hai Lake, panoramic Con Dao Island and Con Son Gulf.


Also on road trips you will find the wildness of natural beauty when passing Shark Nose, with turquoise waters and beautiful white sand of Cowardly Beach.


By Ben Dam Port you'll see the rushing life of the people here while they were carrying goods in and out the port, the boisterous laughter, the smiling faces of the fishermen after the successful voyage with full of fish and shrimp.


And there is nothing better than when you can choose the fresh shrimps and fishes brought to manually processed into nutritious food for yourselves and your family


3. Hiking in Tropical Rain Forest


Begin your journey behind Con Dao township; venture into the Rain Forest and ready yourself for a climb of 260 metres above sea level to visit the So Ray Plantation. You can come across rare and endemic species such as Con Dao Long Tailed Macaque and playful Con Dao Giant Black Squirrels.


For the adventurous, continue your hike down through the lesser traveled North side of Con Dao and rest your feet in the waters at the stunning Ong Dung Bay.


Go off the trail visitors will come to the beach in green, where visitors can swim and diving with snorkel to see the coral reefs are beautiful here.




Located adjacent to the runway of the airport Con Dao, from the center of town about 13km Con Dao, Dam Trau Beach is a very pristine with landscape natural was beautiful clear blue sea waters and white sand beach smooth.


Will not have anything more interesting when you bathe in the cool blue sea or spoiled for playing on white sand beaches or simply a nap under the shade of the trees of ancient ocean listening to the waves whispering fence and a little sipping and fresh seafood is served in place.


For those who love to explore nature, then spend a moment to the next beach along a small creek located behind the beach, along the banks of streams if lucky you might find a few fruit trees to enjoy.


And please do not forget to bring a camera to save the beautiful nature picture you offline.


5. Bay Canh Island


Located in the east of Con Dao, is the second largest island of the 16 islands of Con Dao, Bay Canh Island famous for rich flora and fauna by the whole island is covered by tropical forest primeval mixed and mangrove ecosystems of tropical islands with 882 plant species and 150 animal species. Here, you will have the opportunity to dive coral, fish and other marine species living on coral reefs. Bay Canh Island is also home to the largest sea turtle conservation in Vietnam.


Come to tour discover the Bay Canh island You will have the opportunity to audition sea fishing, snorkeling, visit the marine turtle conservation, learn about ecosystems characteristic of the Con Dao National Parks, explore the old lighthouse and beach in one of the beautiful and unspoiled beaches of Con Dao.