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About Con Dao - Pearl in the middle of the sea

Con Dao is an archipelago located in the southeast of Vietnam, 97 nautical miles from Vung Tau and 120 nautical miles from Ho Chi Minh City. Con Dao consists of 16 large and small islands, with an area of ​​76 km2. The largest island is Con Son Island, with an area of ​​51 km2. The population is about 6,000 people (as of the end of 2010).


Looking at the map, Con Dao is like a bear stretching out to the East Sea, famous for its many beautiful beaches, clear blue water and long sandy beaches ... shaded by ancient trees. Con Dao is also a national park with primitive forests and abundant vegetation and rich diversity of colorful fish swimming along the coral reefs colorful and colorful. Con Dao is one of the only places in Vietnam to preserve Dugong, dolphins, and other wildlife. sea ​​turtles (turtles) ...


Con Dao has been known as the nourishing revolutionary spirit of revolutionaries, patriots of Vietnam. Today, Con Dao is truly a paradise to explore. Confortable, friendly and friendly Con Dao people feel like home when they come here.


Coming to Con Dao to find the sacred place, light the incense in the Hang Duong cemetery. Con Dao Museum is a place to store artifacts, historical images of the island, which is tiger cage, cow shed, Ma Thien Lanh bridge ...


Con Dao is to visit the wild nature, contemplate the primeval forest of Mr Dung, Department of Rover. Fishing in Bong Lan, squid fishing in the reservoir, diving snorkelling, diving in Hon Tre, watching turtles laying at night in Bay Canh ...


About Con Dao


Giới thiệu Côn Đảo


Con Dao Islands consists of 16 islands with the following small islands:


  • Con Son or Con Son, Phu Hai, 51.52km²
  • Con Lon Nho, or Hon Ba, Phu Son, 5.45km²
  • Hon Bay Canh, or Bai Canh island, Phu Hoa, 5.5 km²
  • Hon Cau, or Phu Le 1.8km²
  • Bong Lan, or Bong Lang, Bong Lau, Phu Phong, 0.2km²
  • Hon Vung, or Phu Vinh 0.15 km²
  • Hon Ngoc, or island of Trang, Hon Trai, Phu Nghia, 4,4km²
  • Egg Island, Da Bac Stone, White Stone, Phu Tho, 0.1km²
  • Phu Lon island, or Phu Binh 0.38km²
  • Hon Tai, or Hon Thỏ, Phu An, 0.1 km²
  • Big Tail or Phu Hung 0.25km²
  • Trac Nho, or Phu Thinh 0.1 km²
  • Hon Tre Big, or Phu Hoa 0.75km²
  • Little Tre Island, or Phu Hoi, 0.25km²
  • English Island, or Big Egg Island
  • Hon Em, or Little Egg Island.

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